What Sets Us Apart


Why use K4Surf Design & Studio for your website?

There are a lot of people out there that can put up web pages.  So what makes me different?  I can do myself what it would normally take a team of 3 or more people to do.  For a small to mid size business you generally have two choices.  Hire a web designer who can put up some pages with some stock art and wind up with either an ugly or at best generic site.  Yes there are some great designers out there that are the exception to the rule, but there are a lot of people advertising in this space that simply don’t create great sites.  You can hire a huge company with lot’s of employees but their bigger projects will take priority, quality control can suffer, and time lines will slide.

In order to create the type of sites I put up you would need the following:  A web designer, photographer, videographer, an animation designer, and a project manager.

You could hire all of these people separately but getting them to communicate and have a shared vision would be an exercise in frustration.  Time lines will slide if any one person drags their feet.  Costs will be higher as responsibilities get pushed from one party to another.

I have dedicated over a year of my life just to perfecting skills that I have worked on developing for a lifetime.  By that I mean that I took a year off without a job just to perfect my skills.  I spent over 25 years in the corporate world.  I finally decided to do something I am passionate about and love.  I work long hours now and pour myself in to each project I take on.  I work hard to exceed the expectations of my clients.  I have received tremendous feedback on the projects I have done so far.

Do I have the best price in town?  No, I’m not the cheapest, but I believe I offer the most value by far.  It’s very hard to compare me to other people you might call about designing a web site because they are just going to put up some pages or use a pre-made template to create your site.  There is little to no custom content in these cases.  The old adage of you get what you pay for holds more true than ever when talking about web sites.  You could go to a large web development company for a quality product but you will pay much much more in that case.  Sites I have designed in the past would easily cost 3 to 4 times as much with a larger company with high overhead and a large payroll.

A great site is made up of great content.  Take a look at my portfolio page and do some exploring.  I think you will find my sites to be unique and interesting, reflecting the character of the people, business, or event.  You only have one chance to make a first impression.  Your website is a reflection of who you are and like it or not you will be judged by that site.  Even though someone may be referred to you by a friend or colleague, most people will check your website before calling,  if they don’t like what they see or can’t find your site at all the chances of them calling just dropped significantly.

Contact me about creating a custom website for you today that truly reflects who you are and what you have to offer to the world.  I look forward to working with you!