Social Media & Design

Social Media

Social Media has become an important aspect of every day life and plays a vital role in marketing your business.  Let our experts assist you with creating your web site and launching your social media sites!  On our site you see that we have a lot of integration with social media throughout the site.   If you see a blog post you like you can easily share it on your facebook or twitter account.  If you want visitors to easily see your recent post we can add that like we have on the left side of most pages on this site.


We can set up links to these any many more social media sites!


Design Notes

In most cases and for most clients we design our sites to run across the majority of devices.  This includes desktop computers, tablets and smart phones.  This site looks great on just about any device, give it a try and see for yourself.  Now go take a look at some of your colleagues sites the same way.  Most of them either won’t show all their media, may be too small to read, or in some cases may not run at all.  We use the most current technology and try to support a great variety of web browsers.  Some web browsers will however affect the user experience.  In most cases we try and make sure our sites work on the following browsers:  Internet Explorer version 8 and higher – although version 9 and above are much better, the latest versions of Safari, Chrome, and Firefox as well as Apple devices and a variety of smart phones.  In some cases we may make a decision to not support all devices because it gives us more creative flexibility.  We will discuss your needs up front but in most cases we will recommend a solution that will work on the majority of modern devices.